This the first chapter of the Saika series.

Name: Red Breath, Long Breath

Volume : Durarara!! Manga Saika-hen Volume 01

Previous chapter: Durarara!! Chapter 022

Next: Saika Chapter 002


In the beginning of the chapter a person named Saika in the chat room starts spamming. Then it left and users Kanra, Setton,and TarouTanaka came on. Kanra told them about the name of the person who was spamming is like a demon blade. Elsewhere a man was being chased by The Black Rider. It corners him telling that he should return the money he stole,but a blade comes right through the Black Rider's arm,and cuts her helmet off. The Black Rider turns around to catch it. It runs before Celty could reach it.

The man runs away screaming that Celty is headless. Celty then remembers what happened earlier about how she had thought she found her head on another human's body, although this was not the case. The next day Mikado Ryugime asks Anri Shonohara if he can turn in her notebook for her, however she was not finished.

After walking out of the classroom, Anri is then approached by her teacher Takashi Nasujima, who starts to sexually harass Anri. When Masaomi Kida stops him, he threatens to show the film with audio to the other teachers; scaring him away. Masaomi then warns Anri about him and what he does to girls. Then Mikado comes and they all walk home with each other hearing about what Takashi did to Haruna Niekawa.

The friends then spilt up. While Anri walks home alone, the three Ganguro Girl bullies berate and torture her in a dark alleyway. They taunt her for her dependence on others, such as her codependent friendship with Mika Harima, and then her closeness to Mikado and Masaomi when Mika disappeared.

Anri reveals she looks at life as though it were a picture frame. No one, even Mikado or Mika will save her now. A dark figure with a knife appears behind the bullies, who is revealed to be the Slasher. Later, Kanra talks about the high school girls who were slashed. TarouTanka got scared when he heard the news.

Elsewhere, Shuiji Niekawa is trying to find out the strongest man in Ikebukuro. He went to Shiki and Shiki said it was Shizuo and talked about Shuiji's daughter so he does not use the tape. He then questions Simon, but his reasons were irrelevant. Denis points him to Izaya Orihara for information. Izaya tells Shuji that Shizuo Heiwajima is the strongest. However, he says little. Izaya contacts Celty to talk to Shuiji about Shizuo.

Shuiji leaves and meets Shizuo and Tom Tanaka, but accidentally angers Shizuo. Tom walked away with Shizuo while Shuiji walks home planning on writing the article. When he got to his front step of his home he was slashed. In the end of the chapter, Saika says that she found Shizuo.

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