Durarara!! SHx3 is the third light novel of the SH series.


'It’s very good to be crazy about each other. Only I will approve of it that even if the law or society denies it. So don’t worry about it, you can be crazy. Whether you love people or hate them or remain uninterested in them. Because all are equally valuable——'

A year and a half after the end of the Dollars. There have been consecutive Slasher incidents in Ikebukuro now. And the suspect is—— the anime character that was played in Ikebukuro—!?

On the other hand, there are three new students of Raira Academy including Yahiro who solved the trouble happening in Ikebukuro as “Snake Hands”. It was Yumasaki and Karisawa who asked them to find the suspect of the Slasher incidents.

How does the Headless Rider, who is gradually getting involved with the incidents that are escalating to remind people of the former Slasher, feel—?

A story about twisted people who came back to Ikebukuro again.

Chapter Listing Edit

  • Prologue: Let's Take One Big Step
  • Chapter 1: Welcome to Snake Hands
  • Chapter 2: Let's Live Purely and Righteously
  • Chapter 3: Our Ikebukuro Must Be Protected
  • Chapter 4: Go On Ahead, Leave This to Me
  • Epilogue