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While walking from the station to Sunshine City, Mairu and Kururi Orihara discuss the fact that they are third years, and their plans after graduation. Taking stock of things that have and haven't changed in the area, they notice Aoba Kuronuma hanging out in an arcade with the members of his gang, the Blue Squares.

Joking that Aoba could have gone off and died; they hadn't seen him in so long, they mention that they heard his gang had a run in with Dragon Zombie. The twins express concern, mentioning that their brother Izaya Orihara had disappeared and his secretary Namie Yagiri left to America leaving them with limited access to information.

Their concerns were dismissed as one of the boys in the group began to choke Aoba for all the attention he was getting from the girls, which caused a bit of a scene until he was eventually stopped by Kuon Kotonami. Aoba introduced the two to Kuon, who would be starting school at Raira Academy with them this year, but this only began the questioning on why he had such a distinctive appearance.

After Mairu questions why Kuon is in Aoba's gang it is revealed that he is part of a financial scheme involving monetizing incidents that they themselves manufacture, the largest of which involves the Headless Rider.


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