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In a small village with a hot spring, a baby is abandoned. The family that owns the hot spring adopts the child, but this becomes fuel for the child to be bullied once he starts school. Unfortunately for the older children bullying him, he has a natural instinct for fighting and easily takes down multiple older larger children.

Due to this child's instinct of self defense without mercy, he is easily labeled a monster by other children, who nevertheless continue to attack him. After continued violent incidents, the boy is forced to go to counseling, but otherwise isn't punished due to his powerful family and the fact that all the fights were self defense.

The boy was deeply saddened by the state of loneliness he had despite his loving family, but found himself reinvigorated when a tourist from Ikebukuro responded happily to his fighting, and informed him that there were other people like him in Ikebukuro. After online research the boy set his sights on going to school in Ikebukuro, and got the approval of his family


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