This is the first volume of the Re: Dollars Arc which continues from the previous manga, starting with the Akane Arc.

Previous Volume: Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc Volume 03

Next Volume: Durarara!! Manga Re: Dollars Arc Volume 2

Synopsis Edit

From Yen Press:

Mikado Ryuugamine is just trying to pass his second year of high school peacefully, but when he gets word that someone within the Dollars gang is causing trouble, that's out the window. Everybody's in trouble: Izaya is scheming, Mikado's classmate knows his secret, and Shizuo's being targeted by a mysterious girl--just another day in Ikebukuro!

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: The Fighting Figure, Slightly Troubled

Chapter 1.5: Side Story

Chapter 2: These Adults, Squirming

Chapter 3: Read Online

Chapter 4: Berserker, Stirred Up

Chapter 5: Youth Sparkles and Fades

Chapter 6: A Planned Dance

Chapter 7: Boys and Girls, Wandering In The Maelstrom