Title- ワワワワワワワワワワワワワワワワワワワワ!!


Volume 04

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Celty shows up at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, trying to retrieve her head. Namie states that she will not allow it, and that she must have control over the head at all times. She then goes over to Izaya's office, where Izaya was working with his game board. Izaya talks to her and she then gives him the head. Izaya holds up the head and states that he wants to go to Valhalla, and then reveals that he was the one who really started recruiting people for the Dollars.

Later Mikado goes to school and sees that Mika was there with Seiji. Seiji tells Mika that he does not love her, but she will remind him of the head, so he will accept Mika's love. When Mikado goes up to the roof for luch, he catches Masaomi hitting on Anri, so he kicks him. Izaya was watching them with Namie. He states that he wants to go to heaven with Namie and get Celty's head to wake up.

At the end Celty was being chased by the cops, and she thinks that everything around her is beloved. She thinks about the everday life, which shows Walker, Erika, Kyohei, Saburo, Anri, and Masaomi. She says that Simon, Shizuo and Tom were understanding friends. Mikado was categorized as a person with a gaze full of curiosity. Namie and Izaya had evil in there hearts. She then thought about Mika, Seiji, and the whole deal with her missing head. She says that Shinra is dear to her, and, the very last thing she said, was "Most of all... I love you"

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