Durarara!! Manga Chapter 013

Title- ワワワワワワワワワワワワワ!!


Volume 03

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The girl with the scar on her neck runs from Celty, and Shizuo gets stabbed with pens by Seiji. When Celty stopped to see if Shizuo was okay he tells her to go on ahead. Then she went on, riding after the girl. Shizuo picked up Seiji by his collar and asked him questions, and since Seiji said he didn't know anything, Shizuo got pissed off and threw Seiji into a semi. Shizuo picks him Seiji up again and Seiji stabs him with more pens in his hand. Then Shizuo headbutts Seiji and walks off. Switching back to Celty who was chasing the girl, the girl bumps into Mikado and he runs away with her after she asks for help. Later, Celty talks to Shinra about it, which he doubts, but tells her he believes her because she has never lied before. Celty tells him she still wants to find the girl, which makes Shinra ask her what she will do once she gets the girl and her head. Celty begins to question Shinra's love, and her own understanding of the feeling, but he is able to reassure her.

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