Wawawawawawawawawawawa!! is the eleventh chapter of the Dollars/Mika Harima Arc.


Namie discovers that the head stolen and just as she is taking action in finding who could have taken it she receives a call from her brother Seiji, who states that he might killed someone. Namie runs over to his place and finds Seiji next to a dying girl. She orders her men to clean up the body before returning her full attention back on her brother. She reassures him that everything will be alright and takes back the head he stole.

Back to the present time, Seiji is seen wandering around the city when he spots a girl he recognizes riding on the back of a vehicle. At about the same time, Mikado leaves the restaurant with Anri and they depart. Mikado begins to head home when he hears the neighing sound of the Black Rider's motorcycle.When he rushes over to where he heard the sound, he bumps into the girl with a scar on her neck with the Black Rider hot on her tail.

Referbacks Edit

  • What Mika Harima saw in Seiji's apartment back in the second chapter.

Quotes Edit

Seiji: "I think I might have killed someone. What should I do?"