Wawawawawawawawawawa!! is the tenth chapter of the Dollars/Mika Harima Arc.


Mikado and Anri head to a restaurant after escaping Izaya and Shizuo's brawl to talk. Mikado asks Anri about Mika Harima, recalling what the ganguro girls mentioned earlier about her friend and how Anri frequently looked at her vacant seat at school. Anri informs him that Mika has gone missing and the last person she was following around was Seiji. Anri had tried to confront Seiji about Mika earlier but was told he had not seen her after he turned her down and threatened her to leave him alone.

Later, Namie is at the meeting discussing the merger offer given to them by Nebula. Namie is against this, stating that Nebula wants the Dullahan head they have in their possession, not the company itself. This causes her to recall when the head was first brought over to their company, and the consequence of the day when she showed it to her younger brother.

Quotes Edit

Seiji: "Nee-san......I'm in love with that head girl."