Durarara!! Manga Chapter 008

Title: ワワワワワワワワ!! (Wawawawawawawawa!!)


Volume 02

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Next Chapter → 009


Kyohei tells how he and his friends joined the Dollars. At Raira Academy, Mikado and Anri become class representatives. Later, Mikado walks by an alley and sees Anri being bullied. He thinks of a plan jump to save her, but   Izaya appears and pushes Mikado in front of the bullies. Izaya then intervenes and the bullies call him old. Izaya does his sarcastic, intelligent rant and claims he isn't into hitting girls. He decides to smash their phones instead. At the end of the chapter, Shizuo comes in and throws an convience store trash can at Izaya, and a battle between the two starts.

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