Durarara!! Manga Chapter 007

Title- ワワワワワワワ!! (Wawawawawawawa!!)

Date- June 26, 2010 (original tankōbon release) 

April 24, 2012 (English tankōbon release)

Volume 02

Previous Chapter → 006

Next Chapter → 008


In the chatroom, there was talk about the Dollars. Setton wondered if they exist and reasoned to Tarou Tanaka that "...even if they were real, I highly doubt that normal people would run into them." and Kanra appeared and insisted that they do exist. Tarou Tanaka then praised Kanra's knowledge and finally asked who Dotachin was.

Elsewhere, in a van, Saburo Togusa was beating a man into telling who he works for after the kidnapping of Kazutano and subsequent rescue by Celty, the Black Rider. The man claimed not know and just then Walker and Erika interrupted saying that they have gathered all the things they need. Saburo left saying "Time's up" and casually lamenting the man's fate.

Walker then pulled out some manga: Darker Than Black, A Certain Magical IndexOreimo: My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute, Shikabane HimeUmineko no Naku Koro niDoubt, Astro Fighter Sunred, Shakugan no ShanaIscariot, Accel World, Black Butler, and Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan among them. They said whatever book the man chose was going to be his method of "mental" torture. The man asked if this was some kind of children's penalty game, Walker then threatened to kill the man if he didn't choose.

The man panicked and began to consider his options, immediately ruling out Doubt and Bludgeoning Angel, after which Erika recommended Darker Than Black. Walker agreed and they discussed whether they had the materials needed to imitate Harvest 's Matter Disintegration ability including sulfuric acid and something round. Walker finally pulls out a replica of Hei 's signature knife and a taser intending to reenact his Electricity/Molecular Manipulation ability instead by poking through the nape of his neck "direct access without the neuro linker". Saburo then asked for them not to use any gasoline in the car (as they have apparently done before) to which a disappointed Walker bemoans the "no-go" on Innocentius and Erika calls Saburo a "party pooper". The man, now highly uncomfortable, hastily chose Black Butler and the duo praised him for his guts.

Walker then pulled out a solder (which he explained as "Why, young master, this is a solder, not Handa Ryu from 'Oinari-Sama' of course." and Erika held the man down. Walker next attempted to "seal the contract" by soldering an backward pentacle on his eye (much like the one the character, Ciel Phantomhive, has). The man, chagrined, was led on monologue (see quotes) by the sadistic duo and as the solder was about to come down Kyohei Kadota interferes saying that their way of torture was just not right. He told the man that almost all his buddies talked and unless he could tell them something they haven't already told the gang, he'll leave Walker and Erika to finish up their dirty work. The man caved and revealed his job as a businessman under the guise of a handyman for a small dispatching company owned by Yagiri Pharmaceuticals which has been kidnapping people for use in testing. Satisfied with the information, Kyohei set the man loose and as the gang turned away, the man questioned who they were, to which they replied, "Dollars".

Referbacks Edit

  • "Who is Dotachin?!?!"
  • The kidnapping of Kazutano (only mentioned in the manga or LN but seen more in length in ep.6 of the anime) 
  • The rescue of the kidnapped people by Celty.

New CharactersEdit

  • Saburo Togusa
  • Kyohei Kadota is revealed as "Dotachin"

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What do Kyohei and his gang really do?
  • What is Walker and Erika's true natures?
  • Is Kadota's Gang really THE Dollars?

Cultural referencesEdit

  • <most cultural references are explained and somewhat elaborated on with links for further investigation in the main body of this article>
  • "Oinari-Sama" likely refers to Our Home's Fox Deity (Wagaya no Oinari-sama). "Handa Ryu" and its tie-in to solders, however, is a mystery to this editor...


  • Walker and Erika made a pun on the word "Dengeki" referencing both Dengeki Bunko and the literal meaning of the word: "electric shock" when introducing their method of torture (also both striking "Ta-da!"-ish poses with "Samurai Hearts" on tangent. 
  • Kadota seems to care whether Walker and Erika get blood on the books.
  • The guy didn't choose Bludgeoning Angel for fear of the obvious violence involved in just the title (wise) and rejected Doubt for just plain looking shady (given, you really should see how creepy the cover is).


  • (To man) "Good kids shouldn't copy what we're doing. Or at least, that's what you'd normally say. Like the ones that commit murders from the influence of mangas? No, no. Mangas and novels aren't to blame. Neither are movies, games, parents, or school. In other words, it's us that are twisted. If there weren't any mangas or novels, we'd use period dramas instead. And if that didn't exist, we'd use educational textbooks. 'There's no way our kid is that smart!' Is that what you think, we'd ask..." -Walker and Erika

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