Durarara!! Manga Chapter 006

Title- ワワワワワワ!!


Volume 02

Previous Chapter → 005 and Previous Volume → 01

Next Chapter → 007


At first it talks about the legend of the Dullahan. A Dullahan is Irish myth of death. Celty finshes her shower and Shinra tries to peek. She yelled at him not to peek at her. Celty then got into her Pj's and says that she is going to bed. Shinra offer to go with her but he gets trapped by a shadow trap. Celty leaves Shinra there. Celty wondered about her memories as a Dullahan.

20 years earlier Celty found herself in a cemetary only knowing her name, that she's a Dullahan,and her powers. She didn't know her past,and her head was gone. She couldn't find her head so she went out to find it. Then she knew her heaad was going to Tokyo. So she changed her apperence and her horse turing into a motorcycle. In the boat a child saw her. The child was Shinra Kistintani.

Shingen then came in there and gave Celty a deal where he dissected her and she gets a place. She did the deal. In ther present she putted a blanet over Shinra. She then declared that she will find her head.

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