Wawawawawawa!! is the sixth chapter of the Dollars/Mika Harima Arc.


Celty finishes her shower and heads to bed. As she lies down, she begins to think about her memories as a Dullahan.

Twenty years earlier Celty found herself in a cemetery missing her head and discovering a lack of memory, only retaining knowledge of the past couple of years. She attempted to find her head by following the vague connection she still had with it and sneaks onboard a vessel heading for Japan. It was there that she encounters Shinra as a boy.

Shinra went and told his father, Shingen, of the headless woman he discovered. Shingen approached Celty and offered her a deal in which he was allowed to dissect her and in return she would receive a place to stay. She accepted and went through the procedure, and had thus made it to Japan with them.

And now twenty years later, she is still determined to find her head she knows is in this city.

Quotes Edit

Celty: "Twenty years, huh...I don't even know if that much time is a long time or but a brief moment to me."