Durarara!! Manga Chapter 005

Title- ワワワワワ!!


Volume 01

Previous Chapter → 004

Next Chapter → 006 and Next Volume → 02


The headless rider drove its motorcycle in an alley. It saw that the thing it was supposed to pick up wasn't there. The rider went to the roof and saw Izaya.  Izaya asks if it believes in the afterlife because he doesn't. The headless rider replies on its phone "You'll figure out once you die." Izaya then tells the headless rider that it's job is to take away the girls and dump them in a park bench.

It leaves before Izaya finishes. He then says what he wants to figure out. 1: The Dollars. 2: The headless rider. In the chat Tanaka Tarou and Setton greet each other. Then Tanaka asks about Izaya. Before Setton could answer Kanra gets on talking about suicide websites. Tanaka Tarou says that no one hears about them these days. Kanra then says that they might have never found the bodies.

After Kanra said that Setton said that there was a job that she/he needed to attend to. Setton logs off while Tanaka Tarou and Kanra talk about the disappearances. Then the black rider was greeted by Shinra Kishitani and he addresses it as Celty.  Shinra asks how Celty can see without any eyes. Celty dosen't know and Shinra makes a joke about dissecting Celty again. Celty yells at him that making jokes about dissecting wasn't funny. Shinra tells Celty that he always wonders what the world looks like to a Dullahan.

Shinra asks it then about if Celty looked for it's head again. It says the head is in Ikebukuro and it knows it. Shinra then told it to give the hunt up. Celty punches him and goes to take a shower. In the end of the chapter it revealed that Celty is a girl.

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