Durarara!! Manga Chapter 004

Title- ワワワワ!!


Volume 01

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The chapter comes back to where Mikado and Izaya meet.  After seeing Izaya greet his name Mikado says his name and Izaya thinks it sounds like an air conditioner. Masaomi asks Izaya why is he there. Izaya repiles that he is going to meet some friends,and leaves. Masaomi then tells Mikado that Izaya is dangerous. But Masaomi notices Mikado was smirking,and asks him why was Mikado smirking.

Elsewhere, Two girls where at a place. They were with Izaya Orihara,and were having a toast for the "final" day of their lifes. Izaya asks the girls are they really wanting to commit sudicide with him,and they say yes because they had reasons to commit sudicide. Then the girls say how they should die,but Izaya asks about what are they going to do in the afterlife.

They think about heaven,and ghosts. One believes in it and one didn't. Izaya calls them fools,and tells them that he dosen't belive anything about the afterlife. The girls ask him if he was really planning to die. Izaya said no. After hearing that they call him horrible. He says that they are horrible for trying double sudicide. One girl called him messed up.

Izaya gives out a point for saying that the girls were messed up. Then Izaya gets a call saying that he has 10 minutes left. The girls try to leave but Izaya says it was now question time. He asks why is he sitting near to the door. Then he pulls out two suitcases and asks what were the suitcases for,and he says they were those girls size. The girls scream for help,but then fall down.

Izaya then asks why aren't the two of them going after him. He says what were in the cups and it was "love". One girl says he wasn't going to getaway with what he was doing. Then Izaya says he saved their lives. But then the girls drops to the ground,and Izaya says he might kill them anyways. Later Izaya is on the roof standing on the suitcase. He comments about the job he was doing was boring.

Then he starts laughing. He kicks the suitcase off the roof and yells how he loves humans. Izaya says that humans should love him back. Then he looked at a picture of Mikado on his phone.

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