Durarara!! Manga Chapter 003

Title- ワワワ!!


Volume 01

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The Black Rider drives somewhere which was revealed to be it's home. It was greeted by Shinra Kishitani. Shinra asks her about her job then says that Izaya Orihara's information was useful. The next day Mikado Ryugamine is at his school's welcome ceremony. The school was named Raira academy. Mikado was tired from chatting last night and looked to see Masaomi Kida tired too.

In Mikado's class everyone was saying their names to everyone. Then Mikado worries about people laughing about his weird name. When Mikado does tell his name no one laughs. Mikado sits down thinking how lame Masaomi's gretting would be in the other class. Then a girl named Anri Sonohara greets herself and Mikado thinks she is a strange girl.

Then Mikado notices that Anri was looking at him. But it turns out she was looking at the desk behind him. The teacher asks if Mika Harima was here but she wasn't. When school was over Masaomi asks Mikado where he wanted to go and Mikado says he wanted to go to the manga store. They go to the 9 story manga store in Ikebukuro. Then Mikado looks at a set of manga when two people behind him told him what they recommend.

Mikado looked scared and Masaomi walked up and told Mikado what were the two people since Masaomi knew them. The two people were Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa. Then Mikado said his name and they thought he was from a manga and Mikado then said it was his real name. They said it was cool and then Masaomi notices they had a big haul with them. They said they got 40 books for themselves and other reasons and they left the store.

Then the two boys walk around and thought where they should eat. Then a Russia sushi chef tells Mikado to eat at Russia sushi. Masaomi tells Mikado who was scared that the person was Simon Brezhnev and he was a nice guy. Mikado then tells Masaomi why he was dangerous. Masaomi tells Mikado that Simon can pick up people with one hand.

In the end of the chapter Mikado and Masaomi run into Izaya Orihara.

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Anri Sonohara

Shinra Kishitani

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