Durarara!! Manga Chapter 002

Title- ワワ!!


Volume 01

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Mikado Ryuugamine is excited with his new life in Ikebukuro as well as his chance encounter with the 'Black Rider'. Situated within his dilapidated apartment, he researches the urban legend on his computer with clear excitement.

Elsewhere at Seiji Yagiri's house a girl is knocking on the door. Leaning against the door, Seiji attempts to keep it closed with his body weight, internally noting that his 'stalker' has already figured out his home address. On the other side of the door, the supposed stalker, a girl by the name of Mika Harima , jabbers on about Seiji. Annoyed, Seiji yells back to the girl that he already has a girlfriend. Though despite this claim, Mika doesn't seem fazed, insisting that it 'didn't matter' because 'her love is the real thing'. 

Seiji then threatens to call the cops which appears to stop Mika, leading to Seiji wondering how he can survive in school with the stalker after him. As Seiji thinks back to his current girlfriend, Mika jumps through the open window while proclaiming that she knew the window wasn't going to be locked. Having clearly seen 'something', the girl becomes very visibly nervous while promising that she won't say anything. Unforigiving of the grievance, Seiji bashes her in the head with a bat.

Seiji's elder sister, Namie Yagiri , bursts into the apartment while yelling out to him. Worried for her younger brother, she ensures that he's ok before ordering the men she had brought along the take care of the bloodied body. She then hugs Seiji while reassuring him that she would take care of everything and that the police wouldn't get him.

In the chatroom TarouTanaka is still talking about when he saw the infamous Black Rider . User Kanra responds by seemingly going into more intricate detail about the Black Rider, which appears the startle Mikado. Elsewhere in a parking garage, a group of men in jumpsuits are standing around waiting for someone. One of the men is noted to be MIA; only to appear moments later in a bloodied and bruised condition. Taken aback by this, the men look around and notice the Black Rider sitting atop the parking garage incline, confused by their presence. One of the bespectacled men walks up to it, demanding the Black Rider backs off. Clearly unamused, the dark motorcyclist smashes their front wheel against the bespectacled man's face. 

The other men take this as a signal to run at the Black Rider, who knocks a few of them out almost instantly. Two men remain now, one of those men allegedly going by the name Gunstan. Pulling a knife, Gunstan insists that the Black Rider will die if he stabs them. In response, the Black Rider materializes shadows which seem to take the shape of a scythe. After knocking out Gunstan, the chapter flashes to Mikado who's laying in bed. While thinking over the mysterious Black Rider, he echos something Kanra had apparently told him, something about the Black Rider being a Reaper.

The chapter returns to the parking garage, the remaining man begs the Black Rider to spare his life. Ignoring the man, the Black Rider walks over to the van owned by the men, opening the trunk to reveal two people bound and gagged.. While distracted by the trunk contents, the man had acquired a car, driving directly into the Black Rider. Unnerved by his own actions, the man steps out of the car holding a blunt object, claiming that murder would be easier to explain than the people in his trunk. Having knocked the Black Rider's helmet off, he talks about how he 'deserves to see their face' just before spotting something from the corner of his eye. The Black Rider, headless, stands just behind him. 

Cutting back to Mikado, we can see that Kanra had apparently also informed him about the Black Rider being headless. The boy seems distressed by this, clearly unable to sleep as he ponders what he's been told. 

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