Durarara!! Manga Chapter 001

Title- Wa!


Volume 01

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This chapter opens with someone telling a head in a glass tube that he loves it.

In a chatroom, user Tanaka Taro/Mikado is telling user Setton/Celty that he is moving to Ikebukuro tomorrow. Taro then asks Setton what neat aeound Ikebukuro, Setton responds by telling him that is is a rather 'vast' question. At this moment Kanra/Izaya logs on, telling him that the most interesting thing as of late would be the 'Dollars'. Exchanging greetings, Setton and Kanra talk about the Dollars. Taro remarks that Kanra seems to know a lot about Ikebukuro. Kanra changes the topic to the old urban legend. Taro then asks what the legend is, Kanra respond by telling him that it's one about the Black Rider.

Shifting to a very crowded Ikebukuro Station Mikado is wishing that he was still back home. He then explains that this is his first trip to Tokyo and that he will be attending a private high school at the request of an old friend. At this moment some one calls out to Mikado, this person turns out to be Masaomi Kida, Mikado's old friend. Mikado however does not recognize Masaomi form how different he looks. After a Masaomi says one of his bad jokes Mikado is then convinced that this man is Masaomi. Masaomi then asks if Mikado wanted to go see something in particular. Mikado replies asking about going to Sunshine City. Masaomi then explains to Mikado that Sunshine City is more of a place to take your girlfriend but that if he wants to go they can go.

This shifts to Seiji being followed by Mika Harima. Seiji talks to himself saying that he is under attack by a stalker. As Seiji tries to run away Mika chases after him and confesses her love for him. Mika stats saying various personal facts about Seiji such as his birthday, his family, where he was born, and his weight when he was born. Seiji then bumps into Mikado, Seiji drops his bag, when he picks it up Mikado is frightened. After Seiji left Mikado asks Masaomi if he was part of a color gang. Masaomi then talks about how color gangs are not that big anymore but that there are still some people that he should watch out for. When they get to 60-Kai street Masaomi says that he hasn't seen Shizuo, Simon or Yumasaki and Karisawa. Mikado then asks who those people are. Masaomi explains that Yumasaki and Karisawa are some weird people he knows, he talks about Kadota and tells Mikado that Simon and Shizuo are two people who he shouldn't mess with. He explain that Simon isn't that bad but that he should watch out for Shizuo. Masaomi warns Mikado about Izaya Orihara and that he should never come into contact with. Lastly Masaomi says that he should stay away from the Dollars. At hearing the name Dollars Mikado becomes instantly curious and asks Masaomi for more information. Masaomi says that he hasn't heard much about them, Mikado is dumbstruck in the middle of the street by how different the city is. Masaomi calls to him saying that the light is about to turn red. As Mikado rushes over the black rider passes by in front of him. Mikado is then paralyzed and Masaomi rushes towards him. Masaomi says that he's lucky to see the urban legend up close, he says that that's probably the city's way of greeting him.

Back in the chatroom Taro talks about how he saw the Black Rider. Setton tells him that he was there to. Kanra enters the what and asks Taro how it was. Taro tells Kanra explains to Kanra how he felt but he took it as meaning that he was scared. Mikado then talks to himself that he wouldn't say he was scared but that his heart was beating with excitement.

Referbacks Edit

None, first chapter


New CharactersEdit

Seiji Yagiri

Mikado Ryuugamine

Masaomi Kida

Mika Harima

Walker Yumasaki

Erika Karisawa

Kyohei Kadota

Simon Brezhnev

Tom Tanaka

Shizuo Heiwajima

Izaya Orihara

Celty Sturluson

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