Durarara!!x13 (デュラララ!!x13) is the thirteenth and final volume of the current series. It was published on January 10, 2014.

The thirteenth light novel was adapted into part of Durarara!! x2 Ketsu, the third and final cour of the second season of the anime.

The story continues after a two year time skip in Durarara!! SH

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Ikebukuro, Tokyo. This town has been turned into a melting pot of chaos. Everyone involved with the headless rider is drawn into the situation, and all are trying to bring about the conclusion. The two boys that used to be best friends now fight against each other's ambitions while sustaining more wounds. The two men who used to get along like dogs and cats now fight to the death in a battle that surpasses rage. The girl who used to watch things from the frames of her glasses now becomes desperate to overcome her past self. The irregular lovers who were supposed to be happy must challenge the trial that face them, even if they may be separated. Finally, the formerly headless rider reveals herself to the town... The curtain falls on the warped story of love in the same place where everything began...


Armoured!Celty is looking down on the city. Her shadow covers the sky.

Shizuo and Izaya fight. Izaya sets traps for Shizuo, but these are just cover. By various means he had the oxygen from the building removed such that Shizuo now winds up suffering from oxygen deprivation and goes down on his knees. Izaya then very cautiously sets the roof on fire. Celty’s shadow comes down from the sky and douses the fire. Shizuo has punched a hole in the floor to escape. He bats Izaya away with a metal pole. Izaya crashes into the building beside. When he regains consciousness he runs for it; Shizuo jumps straight down the building to follow. Shizuo is rather calm throughout; he doesn’t raise his voice once in this volume.

Mikage is standing guard against both Vorona and Kujiragi - she is an incredibly strong opponent. Eventually Shingen spots them and tells them Shizuo and Izaya have left the building. It’s revealed that Sharaku Eijirou was one of the Shingen dopplegangers from Volume 11.

Mikado does not take the call from Chikage. Masaomi and Chikage see Namie revealing secrets in the chatroom. Chikage enters the chatroom and fakes a hostage situation with Masaomi to arrange a meetup with Mikado before the Tokyu Hands building (near Russia Sushi as well); the first meeting place of the Dollars. As they make their way there they realise it’s strangely crowded (with Nasujima’s Saika’s children), and they go up a building to observe the situation. Chikage then goes to meet the Blue Square alone, as all of the boys who look about Mikado’s size have their faces covered. Note that Masaomi is injured.

Nasujima has control of the area. It is revealed that he was cut by Kujiragi, who initially instructed him to take over the Dollars, though he has broken through the control with ‘self-love’. He appears to be planning to control Mikado as well, but cannot identify him either. The Blue Square don’t seem to be aware that Saika’s children are evil zombies other than the fact that the crowd is acting strangely.

Saki and Anri go to find Celty, but discover Seiji, Mika and Namie, and the Van Gang sans Karisawa at the apartment. They crowd in the van and head downtown to rescue Karisawa, who was trapped in a crowd of Saika’s children after leaving the hospital to find Kadota. (Karisawa camouflaged herself with cosplay contact lenses.) Anri reveals her secret. She calls Haruna to figure if she knows anything about all the children downtown. Nasujima takes the call and threatens Masaomi and Mikado. He knows that Anri would call Mikado to ensure his safety, and is waiting for Mikado’s phone to ring so he can be identified. Saki and Anri call the respective boys to make sure they’re okay. Meanwhile hundreds of bousouzoku (motorcycle gangsters) speed past the van downtown.

Masaomi’s phone rings. At the same time is Mikado’s ringtone. Mikado is on the roof as well. Masaomi is shocked, then happy. Mikado read Chikage’s plan. They hear the motorcycles. Mikado explains that by threatening families and friends of the leaders, they’ve forced the delinquent members of the Dollars to assemble. He plans to end the Dollars. He mentions what Izaya said at first, about evolving. Masaomi lunges towards him to beat some sense into him. Mikado takes the gun out and points it at him. He doesn’t know who to shoot from now on, he says. Masaomi tells him to get rid of it. Mikado says he’s shot it already. It is broadcasted on the news that discharge of firearms have occurred at the police station and the Awakusu-kai, with graffiti confessing the involvement of the Dollars. This makes the Dollars a dangerous place to be, and hopefully the members will abandon ship. Mikado asks Masaomi what he plans to do. Naturally Masaomi wants to beat him up. Mikado tells him that he’s always envied Masaomi for being strong, and even if it makes himself a coward, he’s going to use everything he has. He shoots.

Masaomi jumps with his good leg to grab Mikado’s hand, dropping his crutch. He gets the gun away from them with some rolling about on the ground.

Aozaki prepares to meet the boss. Akabayashi turns up at his office to confront him. It’s interrupted by news that the bullets were of a smaller model.

Remember Goose from Baccano? There is an awfully inappropriately timed reference here to the miniature gun he used. Mikado has it; Nasujima stole it from Kujiragi and had Shijima pass it to him. He shoots Masaomi in the leg. It hurts a lot. Masaomi’s pain is described rather vividly (for Narita’s style). Ouch, ouch, ouch…

Mikado puts the gun to his temple, now that it’s proven he’d even hurt his loved ones for his obsession. Masaomi is crippled on the ground, with a new gunshot wound, and yelling for him to stop. He shoots.

Back to all the other people. The Blue Square are not very effective against Chikage’s extraordinary strength. Aoba sends a message - “Rokujou Chikage is the enemy of the Dollars.” The gangsters around start glaring at Chikage.

The van gang finds Karisawa. They go down towards the Saika crowd so that Anri can solve the situation, and park somewhere while Yumasaki goes to scout. Izumii Ran appears with punks, smashes in the windscreen, and looks very prepared to set the van on fire, girls inside or no. Yumasaki appears with a fire extinguisher modified to be a flamethrower (!!). They get off of the van. Saki, Anri, Seiji, Mika, and Namie run away while the van gang runs interference. Anri hears Masaomi scream Mikado’s name, along with a third gunshot. They go up the building.

Izaya and Shizuo reach the area. Everyone steers clear. Shizuo’s show of strength overwhelms the Saika crowd. Izaya is fighting Shizuo head-on for the first time. ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ - except he isn’t making much damage for the amount of energy he’s expending. He stabs Shizuo, except it doesn’t go in. By carelessness he doesn’t make it in time to dodge one of Shizuo’s punches, and blocks it with both arms - this is possibly the only reason he survives. Both arms are broken. Further internal injury occurs. Shizuo picks up a vending machine for the killing blow.

Aoba says that even if Izaya loses the fight and dies, he wins anyway, because he gets to prove Shizuo is a monster.

"Do it, monster," Izaya says, but he gets a knife shot at him from Vorona instead. Vorona is about to kill Izaya in Shizuo’s stead, because she’s already a killer, she’s already a beast, and Shizuo is not. She shoots Izaya. A flash grenade goes off - from the Russian chefs, who’ve escaped just in time to intervene.

Shadows everywhere, tangling the bousouzoku, blocking the bullet from Mikado’s brain and from Izaya. Chikage and the van gang are saved. Armoured!Celty goes down to Mikado’s roof on her headless horse, to bid farewell to the human whose destiny she affected the most - she’s been observing through her shadows. The guns are crushed. The bullet is removed from Masaomi’s leg. Celty speaks of the unnecessary trouble her ‘body’ has created that she has now resolved as much as possible, and rejects Seiji.

Rewind a little. Shinra awakes, still injured, in one of Kujiragi’s apartments. He has overcome Saika’s control relatively quickly. He is bloody, red-eyed, and in pajamas. Manami is here to deliver every scrap of information she can find on Izaya’s computers so she can ruin his life. They meet; Shinra gives some insight into Izaya’s mind as she helps him make his way to find Celty. Shinra meets Kujiragi, who confesses; he rejects her very gently - he likes her, but everything he is is built on Celty, and so Celty is the natural choice. Shinra later meets Shizuo; they go up to the roof where Mikado and Celty are.

Shinra sees through Celty’s lies of amnesia. She wants to leave Ikebukuro because she is now fully aware of how far from human she is and her true duty; and so she lies to everyone to minimize the hurt. In truth she has all of her memories, together. She denies Shinra’s accusations and goes away into the sky, having resolved all of the trouble she caused in Ikebukuro. Shinra has Shizuo fling him into the sky after her - it’s his punishment for as well as his means to do what it takes for his love. He cuts the link between Celty’s head and her body when she catches him - with Kujiragi’s Saika, rented. Celty saves both of them with her shadows.

Mikado and Saki are helping Masaomi along to the hospital; Anri is by the side. They are happy. Nasujima appears, and makes to stab Anri. Mikado pushes her aside and gets stabbed at least thrice. Anri draws Saika to stop Nasujima, but it is blocked by Haruna. Haruna has, all this time, either been acting, or letting Nasujima control her using Saika by choice. Nasujima runs. He goes in front of a van to hijack it - he plans to cut the driver when he stops the van and gets out. Unfortunately Kadota recognizes him as the one who had him run over, and Togusa drives over Nasujima without mercy.

Epilogue: The head is taken by Nebula and moved to Chicago. Namie is invited to Nebula to help with research. Mika and Seiji apply to study overseas. Haruna has Nasujima tied to a bed in one of Izaya’s hideouts for a honeymoon to forever. (With sharp objects.) Izaya was rescued by Manami and Kine, and requests to leave the city, even if he cannot survive the journey. Kujiragi has herself and Yodogiri confirmed as the main suspects for the Hollywood incidents; she rescues Ruri from Adabashi’s final assault and tells her she has connections to the police, so Ruri will never successfully turn herself in. Mikado is hospitalized and unconscious - his parents get a few lines of dialogue. Aoba appears as Masaomi and Anri leave the ward, and for the first time Anri sees his true colours as he talks with Masaomi. He reassures them he won’t be bothering Mikado again, seeing as he’s been warned against it (by Akabayashi), and besides, many big players have appeared, and both Chikage (and Akabayashi) can recognise him, so he has to lay low. Anri and Masaomi meet Akabayashi and Saki when they leave, and go their separate ways. Akabayashi asks if Anri still likes Mikado, and if this is of her own volition - Anri realises that Akabayashi knew her mother and most likely about Saika, but they don’t talk about it. Celty may actually have her memories back, as Shinra cut the link when she was awake rather than asleep, but it is not clarified. They continue their everyday life. Vorona has returned to Russia with Slon to talk to her father. Mikage is teaching the twins and Akane, who is doing well. Mikado wakes to Masaomi and Anri welcoming him home. (Anri calls him ‘Mikado-kun’.) He cries.

Direct transcription:

This is a twisted story. A twisted love story.

With the neigh of an urban legend, with the tears of a boy, with the return of the ordinary, with the disappearance of the mastermind, with the hints of a new story —- the twisted love story now closes its curtains.

For their love is no longer twisted.

Chapter ListingEdit

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