Durarara!!x13 (デュラララ!!x13) is the thirteenth and final volume of the current series. As a direct continuation of the previous volume, it contains four chapters (10, 11, 12) and a last chapter and closes with an epilogue. The thirteenth light novel was adapted into part of Durarara!!x2 Ketsu, the third and final cour of the second season of the anime. The story continues after a two year time skip in Durarara!! SH


Ikebukuro, Tokyo. This town has been turned into a melting pot of chaos. Everyone involved with the Headless Rider is drawn into the situation, and all are trying to bring about the conclusion. The two boys that used to be best friends now fight against each other's ambitions while sustaining more wounds. The two men who used to get along like dogs and cats now fight to the death in a battle that surpasses rage. The girl who used to watch things from the frames of her glasses now becomes desperate to overcome her past self. The irregular lovers who were supposed to be happy must challenge the trial that face them, even if they may be separated. Finally, the formerly headless rider reveals herself to the town, and the curtain falls on the warped story of love in the same place where everything began....


No. Title
10 A Tiger Dies and Leaves His Skin
11 Giving Wings to a Dragon
12 Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Last Chapter You Make Your Living Anywhere in this World