Durarara!! Light Novel v04 chapter 03

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Chapter 3: Wakahime Club "The hottest spring in the world! The erotic terminal of high school girls, Ikebukuro!"


The chapter opens with Mairu sitting at her desk, leaned back in her chair, she freely reads an adult magazine. Giggling loudly, she comments on the 'smoking body' the woman in the magazine had paying no mind to the time or place of her desired reading time.

It's the first day of school, both Mairu and Kururi Orihara are starting at Raira academy. Mairu, gives an overly zealous introduction which concerns her teacher and classmates, while Mairu gives a shorter, quieter intro before taking her seat.

Following their entrance into Raira, previously Raijin, the teachers discuss the twins' surname. Orihara, it served to remind those who remembered of the days when their older brother and Shizuo Heiwajima attended school there. The teachers recount filled gasoline drums rolling down the third floor of the building with worry.

At the same time, Izaya and Namie work in his apartment. Namie brings up the twins enrollment into Raira as a way of showing Izaya that he wasn't the only one with information available to him. Uncomfortable with her information on him, Izaya states that while he does it to other people all the time, it's something else to have it done to him. Izaya goes on to say that he has no idea how to deal with the twins, that while his parents were completely normal, and they all grew up in a very normal environment, he still turned out to be who he is today. Izaya also says that his sisters are likely abnormal due to his influence, which he admits makes him feel guilty.

Confused about Izaya referring to his sisters as 'abnormal', Namie presses for an elaboration. He explains that the twins want to be the whole of humanity, as though they rolled the dice and picked personalities for themselves that broadly reached all of humankind. Namie, still understandably confused, presses again for Izaya to explain. Using RPG games as an example, Izaya explains that it's something like they forged an RPG team between the two of them. Mairu appears to be a liberal arts sort of girl, but talks and behaves like theres no tomorrow, while Kururi, the older one, is silent and melancholic but wears a gym suit.

Bewildered, Namie calls it 'odd', saying there's no point in divorcing the relationship between appearances and personality. Continuing, Izaya says that the twins behavior embarrasses him, and that he can't stand them. Namie mentions that the twins could become the target for bullies, to which Izaya agrees, stating that he hopes no bullies make targets out of them.

The twins however, find their first day of school had not gone over well. Three days later, Kururi's desk has been vandalized with various slurs to which no one in the class is owning up to doing. Mairu as well, found her desk similarly vandalized. Stopping dead, Mariu smiles as she looks around the classroom, trying to pick out the culprits on her own. It isn't until she spots three girls by a window that she seems to find the person, or people, responsible.

Launching herself at them, Mairu lands in the middle of the group of girls.

Cutting back to Izaya, Namie asks if Izaya would find it funny if the girls were targeted by bullies. Denying that, Izaya says that it's 'not that at all,' but that if he himself were being bullied, did Namie think he would just leave his bullies alone?

Mairu, in the middle of the group of girls, holds an overflowing box of thumbtacks. Getting one girl to the ground, she shifts the tacks into her waiting palm, holding them over the wailing girls mouth. Demanding that she point out the person responsible for the vandalism, Mairu begins a countdown until the terrified girl points out the tallest girl in the group. Satisfied, Mairu gets up before grabbing the girl responsible, dragging her from the room.




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