Youth Magazine Mao "New Spring Life! High Schoolers' Tokyo Debut Special! Ikebukuro Edition" is the second chapter of the fourth Durarara!! light novel.


Aoba Kuronuma introduces himself to Mikado Ryuugamine after Raira Academy's opening ceremony for first years. Aoba reveals himself as a member of the Dollars and recognizes Mikado as a fellow member, remembering seeing him at the first Dollars meeting the previous year. Aoba promises to keep Mikado's involvement with the group a secret and asks Mikado if he could show him around Ikebukuro. Mikado and Anri decide that they need help from people who know the city better than they and ask Walker and Erika for help. The pair volunteer to go with them and take Aoba around Ikebukuro for a day.

After karaoke, Mikado and Anri part ways to go home, and Anri approaches an odd man with a white gas mask to ask about Saika. Instinctively on edge about the tall Caucasian man with him, Anri quickly makes her leave.

At his apartment, Mikado watches the news on TV, with pieces playing about the serial killer Hollywood, the famous actor Yuuhei Hanejima, and a live feed of the Headless Rider's escape from pursuing police from the top of a building. The news leaves Mikado both excited and anxious to show Aoba around the city.