Durarara!! Light Novel v03 chapter 01

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Chapter 1:


Set two years ago, in a hospital ward where a young teenage girl lies unconscious, Izaya comes along in a doctor's coat to provoke the teenage boy already there. From their conversation, while it was unclear what the specific details were, it could be inferred that the teenage boy was responsible for the injures implanted on the girl, and the boy was greatly affected by it with guilt and distress. Izaya claims that the past can almost be interpreted as God, since it will affect its present and future, he then states how the unconscious girl has become the boy's past -and therefore, God - and no matter how the boy tries to run away, he cannot escape. The boy is then revealed to be Masaomi Kida, who didn't end up seeing the girl when she finally woke up two days after that conversation.  

Back in the present, Kida had been visiting that hospital everyday to visit Anri and a few other acquaintances, who had been attacked during the Slasher Incident. But when they were all finally released, Kida came once again, and this time, to see the teenage girl - Saki Mikajima. Saki comments that she could see Kida from the window, and saw him coming everyday, and asks whether he was visiting a girl. Kida nonchalantly replies that he was in a love triangle with that girl (Anri) and his best friend. Saki then corrects Kida, saying it's a love square if you add her into the picture. Kida then states that they were over and nothing will happen again.  Saki then comments on how Kida's frequency in visiting her has increased, and asks if he was returning to "that side". He doesn't reply, but left with a rushed goodbye. After he leaves, she states quietly that she doesn't care who Kida likes now, and encourages him to date many girls and be in many romantic relationships, because when the time comes, he would still choose her over all the others, and at that time, she would like him to have more experience about love from all the relationships now. She the smiles and states that it would definitely be so, "because that's what Izaya-san said."




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"easter eggs"

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Memorable MomentsEdit


  • "Because no matter what, Masaomi will still return to my side in the end, right? And then… yes, that's right… with the experience from his time with those other lovers, he will love me even more than before. Definitely… this is definitely how it will go… because-- because that's what Izaya-san said." (Saki Mikajima)
  • "When the girl woke up -- the boy was not present. But in the end, Kida Masaomi did not escape from the girl's side. He clearly understood, as Izaya had said, that he could not escape. But besides escaping, he could find no other answers, and it was simply because of this reason that he did not see the girl. And then, time continued to pass. The girl was indeed his past, and it shackled Masaomi's heart. Thus, she became the living past."

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