Durarara!!x3 (デュラララ!!x3) is the third light novel in the series. It is 443 pages long[1], divided into 10 chapters, a prologue and an epilogue.

The third light novel was adapted into the Yellow Scarves Arc, the final arc of the first season of the anime, consisting of episodes 18 through 24.

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Ikebukuro still reels from the recent slashing attacks. A group of punks wearing yellow scarves prepare to start a gang war while a man within plans a takeover. A trio of high schoolers are said to be the tightest-knit group in school. A gang leader is trying to escape the past. The urban legend, the Black Rider, is said to be a member of the colorless gang, the Dollars. A smaller group within the Dollars ready themselves for a fight. An intel broker is looking to start a war. A couple of underground doctors are more knowledgeable and influential than they appear. These characters and others cross paths over a few days in the city.

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