Red Breath, Long Breath (赤息吐息) is the prologue to the second Durarara!! light novel.


An inhumane being is conversing with its host, describing its love for humanity and establishing a deal for using its power to cut humans. In the chatroom, Kanra brings up the latest serial slashing incidents and rumors involving a demon blade.


  • This chapter's title is a pun on the expression "青息吐息", which means "deep distress," but replacing the kanji for "blue" (青) for the character for "red" (赤).


Saika: "I love anything and everything about them. You get it? Yes, I love you, too, of course. But I cannot "love" you. But you should love me. Yes, it's entirely one-sided. In exchange for your love of me, I will love all other humans. A rather twisted triangle."