Uncertain Girl is the second chapter of the second Durarara!! light novel.


At Raira Academy, Anri Sonohara is approached by one of the homeroom teachers, Takashi Nasujima, who tries to get close to her, lusting for her. Takashi attempts to bribe her with a debt she owes him a month prior when he saved her from bullies. Just as Takashi places a hand on her, Masaomi Kida calls out to him from the classroom door. Realizing Masaomi had overheard everything, Takashi turns to Anri and tells her to not spread rumors about him, but Masaomi in turn threatens to tell on him, showing he had recorded the whole exchange.

After saving Anri from Takashi, Masaomi walks with Anri to the gate entrance of the school where they meet up with Mikado. They go hang out in the city together and after the were done, Anri splits up with them to walk home alone. On her way home, she is corned by three bullies from school. The three girls jeer at Anri for leeching off of others when Anri notices a shadow behind the girls. The figure attacks the girls, cutting one of them before retreating.

In the chatroom, Kanra informs TarouTanaka and Setton of the Slasher's newest victim, a girl from Raira Academy. TarouTanaka is about to call his friend and make sure it was not her that was attacked, but Kanra private messages him and reassures it was not Anri. TarouTanaka still calls regardless and hears Anri had witnessed the attack. After the three users log off, a new user named Saika logs in and spams message, expressing the desire to find and love a strong human.


Masaomi: "But the thing is, I've decided I'll be a pimp in the future, so I pray to some statue of a goddess from some religion or another, and I won't need to know anything about physics or algebra. If anything, I should study Japanese and English, so I can be a world-class gigolo!"