Demon Blade, Dog Meat is the first chapter of the second Durarara!! light novel.


A series of attacks arise throughout Ikebukuro. Celty Sturluson is chasing down a man to retrieve stolen money from him when she is stabbed in the arm and her helmet knocked off by an unknown being. The man manages to escape in the confusion, and the mysterious being flees into the darkness. Meanwhile in the chat room, an ominous user logs into the chatroom under the name Saika and spams messages, expressing a desire to find a strong human being.


  • This chapter's name is a pun on the expression "羊頭狗肉", which means using a better name to sell an inferior product, but with the kanji "羊頭" replaced by its homophone "妖刀", which means Demon Blade.


"There was one thing, one powerful memory that stuck out in her mind. Just before the fluorescent light shattered, she saw the attacker's eyes. Unnaturally large, blood-red, distorting the light they reflected."