Durarara!! Light Novel v01 chapter 05

Chapter 5: A Regular Day in Town, Night (街の日常 夜)

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Izaya Orihara is meeting with two young women in a karaoke room to discuss completing suicide together. They women talk about their reasons for dying and what might happen after death. When Izaya reveals that he has no interest in going through with suicide, the women are upset, but Izaya quiets them by pointing out that he is blocking the door and has drugged their drinks. The women vow to kill him before falling unconscious, and Izaya, satisfied that they can survive on hate, packs them into suitcases. Celty arrives to help him transport the suitcases to the park, where they leave the women on a bench. Disinterested by the events that had just happened, Izaya forgets about the women and focuses on his current interests: Celty the courier, and the Dollars.


  • Izaya thinks back on his meeting with Mikado earlier that day


Cultural ReferencesEdit

In Japan, it is common for groups to rent out a karaoke room for a few hours as a place to hang out and drink.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

What is Izaya's interest in Mikado?


Izaya: "Despite being an information agent, there's still so much of this town that I know nothing about being born and then disappearing. This is why I can't help but live here where all the people are! I love people! I just love human beings! I love 'em! Which is why people should love me back."

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