Durarara!! Light Novel v01 chapter 02

Chapter 2: Headless Rider, Objective (首なしライダー 客観)

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Mikado Ryuugamine arrives in Tokyo and is overwhelmed by the crowds of people. He meets up with his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida, at the train station, who shows him around town and eases his apprehension of the big city.

Masaomi warns Mikado of the dangers of Ikebukuro, including color gangs, motorcycle gangs, yakuza, the Dollars, and individuals who are never to be messed with. Their tour is interrupted by the appearance of the Headless Rider, whom the pair watch with awe.

In the chat room later, two of the members discuss Tarou Tanaka's recent move to Ikebukuro and his first glimpse of the urban legend. When Kanra comes online, the discussion shifts to the Dollars and the recent string of disappearances in Ikebukuro, and Kanra promises to have a welcome party for Tarou Tanaka in person.


In the chat, Tarou Tanaka again asks Kanra who Dotachin is.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Masaomi references many popular sites and tourist attractions in Ikebukuro, including Namja Town, Cinema Sunshine, and Harajuku.