Durarara!! Light Novel v01 chapter 02

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Chapter 2: Headless Rider, Objective (首なしライダー 客観)


Mikado Ryuugamine goes to Tokyo for the first time, with the intention of moving there for school. Upon meeting up with his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida, at the train station, he found his old friend had dyed his hair and pierced his ears. However different Masaomi appeared, Mikado felt he was still the same friend he had grown up with and been chatting with online. 

While Masaomi showed Mikado around the city, he described the people and dangers in Ikebukuro. One of his mentions were the various color gangs as well as the Dollars. Their time walking was soon interrupted by the appearance of the Headless rider, which Mikado and Masomi watched with awe.

Later, the chat room discusses TaroTanaka's recent move to Ikebukuro and his first glimpse of the urban legend. Although, once chat user and admin, ‘Kanra’, comes online, the discussion shifts to the recent string of disappearances in Ikebukuro.




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