"Highly Unpredictable" is the second episode of the Durarara!! anime.


The episode opens with the introduction ceremony of Raira Academy and the class introductions of Mikado Ryuugamine, Anri Sonohara, and Rio Kamichika. Seiji Yagiri arrives late, only to inform the class that will not be coming to school.

In a flashback to two days prior, Rio is texting a man named Nakura after discovering her father cheating on her mother. Rio's world feels shaken and fake, and she and Nakura plan to disappear together. When they meet, the man posing as Nakura leads Rio to a van where kidnappers drug her. After watching her abduction, Izaya Orihara messages the Headless Rider, who rescues Rio from the kidnappers and drops her off at an abandoned building.

On the roof, Izaya introduces himself as Nakura, admits to orchestrating the evening's events, and questions Rio about her feelings during and after her kidnapping. He shows her the place where countless others have jumped off the roof to their deaths before leaving, promising Rio that she was just as ugly, immature, and boring as he thought she would be. She decides to get back at Izaya by jumping, but the Headless Rider catches her in a net of shadows. Izaya, watching with interest, notes that the Headless Rider always goes above and beyond. On her walk home, Rio decides to forgive her family and allow them to keep their secrets.

In the present day at Raira Academy, Anri catches Seiji before he leaves, asking him if he knows about a girl's whereabouts. Seiji angrily denies knowing anything and leaves, and Anri shakes off Masaomi's concern.

Elsewhere, Izaya asks the Headless Rider when she became a protector of the innocent. She asks him about the others who jumped off the building, and he laughs. He denies being a villain, and the Headless Rider drives away.


The events in the primary story arc in this episode intermix with those in episode 1 and shed new light on those events.


  • Several of the events in this episode, including Izaya's introduction, are anime exclusive. In the light novel, Izaya is introduced through a meeting with two suicidal women, and he puts them through an ordeal different than what he put Rio through.

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  • On the roof of a building is a sign for "Yahaha" motorcycles, stylized like the logo for Yamaha Motor Company.


Headless Rider: "Look around and what do you see? You find yourself thinking, 'I've seen this before. Today's just like any other.' Sometimes, though, when you least expect it, you'll get a tiny glimpse of another reality seeping into yours. A crack appears in your peaceful life. It throws you off guard, makes you rethink things."

Rio: "So, I figured maybe I would just disappear. Lately, that's all I've been thinking about."

Izaya (to Rio): "I just love humans. Humans are the most interesting creatures you could ever hope to find. Ah, and when I say I love humans, that means all humans, not you specifically."

Izaya: "Everyone lies, everyone hides things, no one goes through this life completely honest."

Izaya (to Rio): "Thanks a lot for proving just how ugly and immature you are. It's been real, and just so you know, I don't care about your problems."

Headless Rider (to Rio): "The world isn't as bad as you think."

Headless Rider (to Izaya): "Were the others who jumped also your fault?"