Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V is an enhanched remake of the PlayStation Portable version of Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley-. It was the first Durarara!! game for the Playstation Vita, as well as a celebration of the series' 10th anniversary.

New FeaturesEdit

The V remake is a portable version of the game that features touchscreen play. The game also includes minigames:

  • DRRRrun: where you play as Shizuo Heiwajima as he runs and leaps onto buildings
  • PuzzDura!!: has players match three or more character blocks to clear them from the board
  • Rhythm de Perestroika: you play as a sushi chef and the narrator tells you how much tuna or squid to serve, with each type of sushi tied to a different input button