Dougen Awakusu (粟楠道元, Awakusu Dougen) is the current head of the Awakusu and is well respected as a great leader. He is also the father of Mikiya Awakusu and the grandfather of Akane Awakusu.

Characteristics Edit

He gives off an almost 'Santa Claus' like vibe to those who know him, especially his family. He has bits of metal embedded into his body which were earned over his long service to the Awakusu. He has also earned the loyalty of almost everyone under him and never betrays his subordinates (although he may refuse to save them from a life threatening situation if he sees fit). His decision to transfer leadership over to his second son, Mikiya, has been opposed by many members of the Awakusu, but none of them are willing say such while in his presence. He is also a known fan of Ruri Hijiribe.