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Celty Sturluson


(セルティ ストゥルルソン), Seruti Sutoruruson


174cm (5'8.5) (with helmet)


Underground transporter


Dollars' Member

Handle Name



Shoe Size


Online Name


Celty Sturluson (黒いイエス, Seruti Sutoruruson), also known as "The Black Rider" or "The Headless Rider", is a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan looking for her stolen head. Her motorcycle is actually a horse in disguise, which she has named Shooter. She has no head and perceives via unknown sensors that are not located on the head. The physical strength she possesses is above human, though not quite on par with Shizuo Heiwajima and Simon Brezhnev. She is also capable of manipulating a shadow-like, durable substance to form objects ranging from gloves to chariots at her will.

Celty lives with Shinra Kishitani and works as an underground transporter. She wears a helmet when she goes out and communicates via a PDA. She enjoys online chatting, television and DVDs. Her online screen name is "Setton."


In her early years, it is shown that Celty wore knights armor as she travelled the country side with her head resting on her lap. When she immigrated to Japan, she updates her attire to match the times. For most of the series, Celty is shown to wear an all black biker jumpsuit with black gloves and shoes. All of her clothing is made from a shadowy substance that materializes around her at her will. She also wears a yellow and blue helmet that vaguely resemble the shape of a cat's head. As far as physical features go, Celty isn't particularly imposing although she does have above average strength. Her head is also shown to have auburn hair and green eyes the few times it is shown on screen. She has pale skin, and is also shown to be well-endowed.

Celty's personality is, ironically, one of the most normal and down to earth compared to most of the other cast. Although she was fairly emotionless in her early life, she has since developed a much more defined personality as she spent more time with people. She is generally a confident and optimistic individual although she is not without her insecurities. Chief among these are her concerns about how people will react to her inhuman nature. In the start of the series, Celty tends to avoid most people as they usually react negatively upon realizing she has no head. However, she has recently begun opening up more to people as she encounters others who are not only accepting of the supernatural (such as with Shizuo or Anri) but seem to revel in it (such as Mikado or Izaya).

Aside from developing a more human personality, she has also developed a few human interests. She is shown to enjoy watching movies and playing video-games, but has developed an odd phobia of aliens, something that has been used for comic relief throughout the series.

Reasoning of her missionEdit


Celty wearing her helmet

The reasoning behind her need to find her head is so much of her fear of death. Celty explains in thought that she wants to control the way she lives and ultimately dies. Without her head in her possession, that decision isn't hers to make, which causes her to fear the fact that she is no longer in control of her life. She is also seen explaining in Episode 4 that another reason she desires to reunite with her head is to restore her memories and figure out why she was there in the first place.


Durarara!! E04 18m 48s

Celty changes her horse to a motorcycle.

Celty is a dullahan, a creature from Celtic lore who guides souls to the afterlife. Not much is known about her early life. The earliest point in her history that is known is the day she woke up to find her head was missing. She remembered her name, her abilities, and what she was but not much else. Celty still felt a faint connection to her head and used it to travel accross Ireland in pursuit of it. Eventually, her search required her to cross the sea to Japan and so she stowed away on a ship imbound to the small island nation. She is eventually discovered by a young Shinra Kishitani who promptly brought this to the attention of his father, Shingen.

Celty and Shingen worked out a deal where he would keep Celty's secret while she would allow him to perform a full autopsy. Celty agreed and went through with the procedure but eventually passed out from the pain. Once she arrived in Japan, Celty would continue her search while acting as Shinra's caretaker when Shingen was away. As she continued to spend time around humans, it allowed her to develop more as a person and cause her to develop close bonds with unique citizens of the city.


Dollars/ Mika HarimaEdit

Durarara!! E01 18m 12s

Celty's helmet flys off.

Celty appears in the parking garage where the kidnappers of Rio Kamichika have taken her to be picked up. Realizing that Celty isn't the pickup guy, they attack. She manages to take down two of them but one kidnapper gets in his car and drives away. Celty gives chase but is knocked off her bike when the last kidnapper suddenly hits the breaks. He exits the car to finish Celty off but is taken aback when she gets up and reveals she is headless. Out of fear, the kidnapper attacks but is knocked out by Celty's scythe

She takes Rio from the back of the car brings her to an unknown building. Celty then leaves Rio, saying that all she was told to do was bring her there. However, she returns in time to save Rio  from commiting suicide. When asked why she saved her, Celty merely responds with "The world isn't as bad as it seems." and drives off.

Celty eventually  runs into Izaya and asks him if he's reposible for the others who jumped from the roof but  hedenies it. Celty then drove away, passing by Mikado and Masaomi. A few days later, Shinra is told that a painter in town was talking about a Dulluhan he once saw and kept drawing pictures of her. Celty thought it was her so she went out to find him, believing he might have knowledge of her head's location. Shizuo eventually leads her to the painter but he admits that he can't seem to draw her head. Celty then returns home, asking Shinra about the documentary he had been filming and logging on to the chatroom.

A few days later, Celty gets a job to find a man named Kazutano and save him from kidnappers. While searching, she realizes Shinra handed her his shopping list insted of the licence plate number so she couldn't find him. By chance, Celty runs into the kidnappers while they were confronting Kadota's crew and scares them into running away and releasing Kazutano. Celty is confused, but decides to return home.

Durarara!! E08 04m 22s

"What are dreams?"

Later, after a vivid nightmare about the day she lost her head, Celty asks Shinra about dreams. Shinra tries to explain it scientifically but only manages to confuse her even more. Then Celty remembers it's her day off and asks Shinra if he wanted her to make him a meal. Shinra agrees and she buys the ingredients for the meal.

Shinra cries while eating it and Celty is confused as to why. He said it was so good he was moved to tears, but Celty thinks that Shinra is crying because her food was terrible. In a fit of frustration, she wraps the food in a black sphere and leaves in a huff. Once she cleared her thoughts and calmed down, she meets up with Shinra on the street. Shinra asks her to eat with him and they go to the Russia Sushi place. They go, and get fortune cookies. Celty opens hers and it says "A missing thing will be found." Celty is elated at this fortune and ask Shinra what his was but he says he doesn't have one. That night Celty sleeps with the fortune under her pillow and dreams of her being in Ireland, and she sees her head in the dream.

Durarara!! E09 13m 40s

Celty asking the girl if she can talk to her.

The next day Celty was hanging out with Shizuo until she saw a girl run by that had a face that looked almost exaclty like Celty's. Celty grabs the girl and tries to talk to her but all the girl does is scream and tries to run away. Shizuo walks up and asks Celty whats up with the girl but is interrupted as Seiji stabs Shizuo with pens.

The girl escapes but Celty goes after her. However, some girls surround Celty asking for an autograph while she sees the mysterious girl run off with Mikado. Celty returns home and tells Shinra what happened. Shinra is dismissive at Celty's claim, telling her that chasing the girl would only serve to make her angry.

The next day she stops a bully from hurting Mikado and follows him home with Izaya. Mikado yells and asks her why she was following him. Celty tries to lie about the girl being a relative but Mikado easily sees through it. Celty senses this and then tells him the truth about being a Dullahan and thinking the girl had her head. Mikado believed her and asks if he could see under her helmet. She shows him and he doesn't show any sign of fear. Mikado then allows both her and Izaya to follow him home.

Durarara!! E11 21m 58s

Celty;'s helmet gets cut off.

After a bit of waiting, Izaya notices the car parked in front of Mikado's was a kidnappers car so Celty and Izaya barge in, and the people who had pinned down Mikado run out. Mikado comes to a sudden realization and begins to access the Dollar's website. It is at this moment that Celty and Izaya discover Mikado's identity as the Dollar's founder. He sets up a place where Celty can meet the girl, but she can only do so on one condition. Celty then meets Kyohei, who also brought the mysterious girl, at the top of a large building. She asks for the girls name which she claims is also Celty.

Celty realizes that the girl doesn't have her head and drives down a building with her motorcycle in a fit of anger. Then she attacks Yagiri's workers in the Dollars meeting. One man knocks off her helmet. When everyone saw Celty without her head, they ran screaming. Celty seems to enjoy herself as she allows others to take pictures of her. Later Celty begins to think she may not need her head, and so she decides to pay it farewell, when suddenly she is stabbed by Seiji Yagiri.

Celty later fights Seiji but the other "Celty" interferes and told the truth that she was Mika Harima. She explains how Namie conducted plastic surgery on her to look like Celty's head and told her to use Celty's name. Celty realizes that only Shinra could know about the true name of the head and goes to her apartment to confront him. She grabs Shinra by the collar and angrily yells at him. Shinra explains that the reason why he never told her about her head's location was that he was afraid of what she would do if she got it as well as the face that he accepted her for who she was.

Durarara!! E12 12m 01s

Celty hugs Shinra

To say sorry to Celty, Shinra allowed her to punch him. Then he returns the favor by punching her helmet off. He tells Celty that she is good at her natural state. Then she hugs him, and Shinra guessed that she is crying.

Saika ArcEdit

Durarara!! E15 08m 59s

Meeting Shuiji

Celty is chasing Takashi Nasujima for the money he stole. She traps him in an alley and tells him to give her the money back, but before Celty could reach him, a sword went through Celty's arm. Celty looked behind her to see a black monster with red eyes. Then the monster cuts her helmet off and ran. Takashi got away without the money case, and Celty's wound, while it was healing itself, hissed at her.

Then she came home and told Shinra what had happend and they are both confused as to why Celty's wound hissed at her. The next day, Celty meets Shuiji Niekawa for an interview on who the strongest man in Ikebukuro was. Celty answers that Shizuo was the strongest, going into great detail as to why. At the end of the interview, Shuji asks Celty to reveal what was under her helmet. She does so and leaves a stunned Shuji in the park.

Durarara!! E14 13m 42s

Getting info from Izaya.

Celty returned home and went on the chatroom. Izaya said that Shizuo has been on a rampage lately, so Celty drives over to see if he's okay, remembering when she first met him 8 years ago. Celty then told him about the slasher attacking her which made Shizuo pissed off because she didn't kill it. She said to Shizuo that she needed more information about the Slasher before they go out to find it.

She goes home then gets on the chat and learns from Izaya that Shuiji Neikawa was attacked by the Slasher. Celty, worried about the guy who interviewed her, asked if he was okay. Later she goes to Izaya's place and asks him for information about the Slasher. After a bit of teasing, Izaya tells Celty that the Slasher was using the ancient demon blade known as Saika which had the ability to possess anyone it cut.

With this information, Celty and Shizuo try to track the slasher down. They finally find him attacking Anri and arrive in time to assisst Kyohei and the others. After incapacitating the attacker, Celty wraps the knife up to prevent being possessed by it in order to examine it at home.

Durarara!! E16 17m 22s

The Saika children surround them.

Shinra picks up the knife and Celty aske him if he feels possessed. Shinra tells her that the knife couldn't be the ancient cursed sword since it was manufactured in 2009. Celty realizes the Slasher was still on the loose so she drives to Izaya's to get Shizuo, wondering how Shuji was possessed. She got to Izaya's and showed Shizuo that a person named Saika was spamming the chat room she was on and told him it was the Slasher. Shizuo then gets on her motorcycle and they ride off.

They go to a park and then Saika children surround them. Celty pulls out her sythe but Shizuo says he got this and Celty should go after the real Saika. So Celty gives him her gloves so he dosen't get cut, and rides off. She goes to Anri's house to see that Anri took care of the mother, Haruna Niekawa, with the real Saika blade.

As Celty transports both of them to the hospital, Anri asks to see under Celty's helmet. Celty complies and is once relieved, Anri wasn't afraid.

Yellow Turban ArcEdit

Durarara!! E14 08m 44s

Meeting at the table.

Celty comes home traumatized after being chased around by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara. Shinra realizes that while this wasn't the best time, he needed her to pick up Shingen from the airport. Celty arrives to see Shingen being picked on by the Yellow scarves. She scares them off with her powers and brings him home. Celty then sees Shinra on the couch the following morning clearly distraut about something.

Celty then sees Shingen walk in and telling Shinra to never walk in on him while he's taking a shower ever again. As they begin discussing Shinra's eventual marriage to Celty, Shingen lets slip that he stole her head and gave it to Yagiri Pharmacueicals. Celty chases him but eventually looses track of him and goes home. Shinra told her that his father used the Saika blade to steal her head. Later that night she gets a call from Anri that she needs help to get out of the Yellow Scarves base. Celty rushes over and saves Anri. One yellow scarves member throws a metal pipe at her but Anri blocked it and then Celty brings her home. Anri tells Celty that her friend, Masaomi Kida, was the leader of the Yellow Scarves.

Simon telling Celty

Simon telling Celty to save Masaomi.

Two days later Celty brings Anri to her apartment and says that Anri needs to stay there for awhile since the yellow Scarves are after her. Celty goes to Mikado's after she heard that he disbanded the Dollars. Mikado tells her that he is okay but Celty tells him that Anri is the Slasher,and Masaomi is the leader of the yellow Scarves. Mikado asks Celty to take him to his friends, which she agrees to. Before they leave, Celty recieves a call from Shinra that Anri ran off after seeing Shizuo walking in their apartment having bullet wounds.

Celty leaves with Mikado but they get stopped by Simon. Celty talks to Simon and asks him where Masaomi was. Simon tells him he dosen't know but said that Masaomi looked like he was going to die. Then Simon takes her phone and writes a single message "Save him." Celty runs back to Mikado near her motorcycle. She tells him to get ready for something bad.

When they arrive, Celty and Mikado catch up to Anri and Masaomi. She witnesses Kyohei and the rest of the dollars defeat the yellow scarves and eventually returns home. As things calm down and return to normal, Celty is last seen with Shinra sunbathing on the balcony.

Hollywood ArcEdit

Celty is undergoing another autopsy, this time by Shingen's new wife (and by extension, Celty's mother-in-law) Emilia Kishitani. Initially, Celty is a little put off by her bubbly personality but that quickly changes when Emilia pays Celty 1 million yen in cash. Thanking Emilia, Celty rides off into the night thinking about what she will use the money for. As Celty reflects on her life since coming to Japan, she realizes that she doesn't mind things staying the way they are with or without her head. She has friends who accept her, a stable job as a courier and a lover waiting for her at home. Her happiness is short-lived, however, by the untimely arrival of Kinnosuke Kuzuhara. After briefly mentioning the traffic regulations for motorbikes, Kuzuhara and Celty begin a frantic chase through the Ikebukuro streets with Kuzuhara keeping pace with Celty despite her supernatural abilities. Although Celty manages to get away, she also loses the envelope containing her 1 million yen. Celty reacts like any normal person would after losing that much money, she cries.

Celty returns home depressed and wraps herself in a cocoon of her own shadow. Shinra asks what was bothering her and gets pulled into the cocoon as well. Shinra tries to cheer Celty up and also brings up another job. Celty accepts, wanting something to take her mind off of losing 1 million yen and goes out. Celty meets with the client (later revealed to be Ruri Hijiribe) and immediately gets a familiar vibe emanating from her. The two form a fast friendship and Celty agrees to do the job free of charge for such a rare encounter. Later that day, Celty is horrified to find that the recent chase between her and Kuzuhara drew considerable attention from the media. Yadogiri Shining Corporation has even put out a wanted poster for her with a bounty of 10 million yen.

The next day, Celty gets approached by another client (implied to be Dennis), who needs her to transport a bag large enough to hold a human inside it for a day. Celty needs only to keep it for one day and after that, she can drop it anywhere. Celty is cautious, but she needs the money. As Celty rides through the night, she is suddenly accosted by several members from a biker gang called Toromaru who want the ten million yen bounty on her head. Celty does her best to elude them but to no avail. One of the bikers swings a pipe at Celty only to tear a hole in the bag she was transporting. A hand pops out of the bag and Celty panics at the fact that she was transporting a human body for the past several hours. Things are complicated even further by the arrival of Kinnosuke Kuzuhara. Initially, Kuzuhara focuses on Celty but switches his attention to the Toromaru members after they try to attack him. Celty manages to lose Kuzuhara and the bikers as they fight each other but she runs into even more Toromaru members further down the road. After several hours, she also runs into Kyohei Kadota and his gang (who are also being chased by Toromaru) and notices Mikado, Anri Sonohara and three other Raira students (Aoba Kuronuma, Mairu Orihara, and Kururi Orihara) in the back. The ten of them drive on until they come to an overpass where Celty gets an idea. She tells Kyohei to run while she uses her shadows and the overpass as a net to stop the Toromaru members. The plan works, initially, but it is clear that there are too many of them for the net to hold. Celty readies her scythe to try and fight them despite the fact that it would draw even more attention to herself than there was already until the person in the bag suddenly springs into action, revealing himself to be the Russian assassin Igor.

Igor tells Celty and the others to stand back while he deals with Toromaru. More help also arrives in the form of Ruri (dressed as a Dullahan) who assists Igor in dispatching the gang. After the incident is resolved and the bounty is withdrawn, Celty soon returns to a normal life. At the end of the novel, Celty, Shinra, and Emilia hold a hotpot party and invite most of the main cast to attend (minus Izaya). The color illustrations rate the cooking skills of the girls with Celty scoring a 35, barely above Anri.

Akane ArcEdit

Celty is called into the Awakusu headquarters by Shiki to discuss a job. Aside from Shiki, all the other employees around them seem to act a bit tense with Celty in the room. Despite Shiki's polite and calm demeanor, Celty is cautious about the job he has for her. Shiki invites Celty to remove her helmet despite knowing that she is a dullahan. Celty does so, hesitantly, and one of the younger employees yells in fright at the sight of her. Shiki immediately bashes the man's head against a cabinet and makes him apologize for screaming at a guest's face. Celty quickly changes the subject by asking for the job Shiki requested. Shiki states that there are actually two jobs he needs her to do. The first is to ask for information regarding Yadogiri Jinnai. Shiki explains that Yadogiri had tasked the Awakusu to capture the killer hollywood at some point but witheld info on Hollywood's superhuman strength which got the men they sent killed so the Awakusu want revenge. The second job is for Celty to locate the grandaughter of the Head of the Awakusu, Akane, and act as her bodyguard for the time being. Celty accepts the job and proceeds to search for Akane with the photo Shiki gives her.

As Celty rides through the streets, she is suddenly ambushed by Vorona on another motobike. Vorona's attack knocks Celty off of her bike and causes her helmet to get run over. Celty manages to tag Vorona's bike with a very thin thread of her shadow which Celty uses to track her through the City. Celty follows Vorona to Anri's apartment just as the two were about to fight. Vorona and Slon retreat and Celty gives chase, following them throughought the freeway. Celty is eventually forced to retreat due to Vorona pulling out an anti-tank rifle and firing it in the middle of a crowded street. Celty returns to Anri's apartment and the two of them ride back to Celty and Shinra's place since they suspect that Vorona may come back to attack Anri again.

After dropping off Anri, Celty leaves again to continue her search for Akane but has very little success. Eventually she decides to search for her would be assailants and follows the thread she made earlier to the abandoned factory where Mikado and Aoba where meeting. Unbeknownst to her, Vorona and Slon were watching Celty from a distance, waiting for the others to leave so they could strike.

Dollars and Blue Square ArcEdit

Celty observes the meeting between Mikado and Aoba, wondering if she should rush in and help and also why Mikado was being so hesitant. Her cover is blown by her cell phone ringing due to a call from Shinra. Exposed, Celty walks into the warehouse with Aoba and the Blue Squares confused by her sudden arrival. Celty states that she isn't there to interfere and that they should continue their conversation and ignore her. That plan is quickly shot down by the arrival of several Toromaru members who are out for revenge against the dollars. As the situation turns violent, Celty takes Mikado out of the warehouse while Aoba and the Blue Squares hold off Toromaru.

Mikado explains to Celty about how he and Anri were supposed to meet in the park and the two of them make their way there. Celty and Mikado meet up with Anri who took Akane with her for a walk but they are also surrounded by several Awakusu members. The Awakusu bow to Celty out of gratitude for agreeing to protect Akane but they are interrupted by even more Toromaru members. They ask for "the kid" (Mikado) but the Awakusu members think they want Akane. They tell Celty to take Akane somewhere safe while they deal with Toromaru. Due to the large passenger size, Celty changes her Horse back into a Chariot for the first time in several decades and the four of them ride away through the city. Celty eventually stops in an underground parking lot to give the others a chance to rest. Eventually, Mikado runs out after seeing the messages about the attempted kidnapping and Anri runs after him. Celty decides to take Akane back to her apartment only to find Shiki waiting for them there. Although Akane is hesitant, Shiki takes Akane back to her father who has just arrived outside the building. Just as Celty is about to relax, a sudden explosion draws her attention outside. She sees Slon ride away with Akane and Shiki, Akane's father, and their employees incapacitated by Slon's flash grenade. Celty rides after them using another thread of shadow attached to Akane to track them. Although she loses sight of Slon, the thread of Shadow eventually leads her to Raira as well as Slon and Vorona's truck. Celty suspects some kind of trap but another flashbang catches her attention. When she investigates, she sees Shizuo approaching the fight between the dollars and the rogue dollars with Vorona's motorbike on his shoulder.

Moments later, she sees Vorona running from Shizuo. After Shizuo managed to crash his way into the cargo compartment of Vorona's truck Celty rides into action and uses her shadow to disarm Vorona before she could shoot shizuo. After shizuo breaks the cargo compartment in half, Celty uses her shadows again to cushon their fall. Although she isn't sure how Shizuo and Akane got so familiar with each other, she is glad that their both safe. After everything had calmed down, Celty and Shinra discuss going on a trip.

Daily Life ArcEdit

Celty and Shinra go on a date but it is constantly being interrupted by Izaya calling them from the hospital due to boredom. Celty and Shinra know that they should probably be more concerned for Izaya's well being but they find it hard to do so since 1. The stab wound wasn't even fatal and 2. All things considered, Izaya probably had it coming to him in the first place.

Adabashi ArcEdit


Celty holds Shinra in her arms

In the beginning of the volume Celty is being chased by the cops again. Kinnosuke also tells her about her front wheel of her motorcycle. She manages to escape but her motorcycle flips in the process. When she gets back to her house she askes Shinra why that happened. Then Anri comes into their apartment.

Mikado and Aoba arrive at Celty and Shinra's apartment with a warning. A stalker of Ruri Hijirbe's named Adabashi Kisuke is looking for people who are close to her. Since Shinra was seen exiting Kasuka's aparment the night he and Ruri were revealed to be a couple, Mikado suspects that Shinra may be in danger. Not long after, Celty has to leave to do another job but is hesitant to do so. Shinra reassures her and Celty leaves. Celty returns home to find Shinra beaten bloody and with almost every bone in his body broken. Celty panics and calls out to him but Shinra fall unconcious due to the severe wounds.

Dragon Zombie ArcEdit

It is revealed that Shinra is alive although has to stay in a full body cast. Celty and Emilia do their best to take care of him but Shinra's naturally energetic personallity doesn't make it very easy. Through out the events of the novel, Shinra offers some insight into his past with Izaya and how he got stabbed in middle school. When Shinra notices Celty getting angry about something, he suspects that it is about finding the person who injured him. Shinra tells Celty not to think about it and tells her not to do anything without telling him first especially if it concerns Adabashi Kisuke. When Celty asks what Shinra will do if she does find Adabashi without telling him and Shinra simply replies that he can't do anything to stop her except cry and scream like a little kid. Celty realizes that Shinra isn't joking about crying and agrees not to do anything without consulting Shinra first.

Later, she gets a call from Izaya asking her for a job. After a brief chase by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, Celty meets with Izaya on the roof of a nearby building. Celty is confused as to why Izaya had so many people surrounding him but he simply replies that they're his bodyguards. Celty is a bit put off by Izaya's lack of concern for Shinra but accepts the Job he gives her. Izaya explains that much to Celty's surprise, he wants her to hold on to a laptop containg his data on "Amphisbaena" and "Heaven Slave" for the time being as well as to protect his sisters Mairu and Kururi. Although the laptop gets stolen, Celty manages to protect Kururi from several of "Heaven Slave's" thugs while Mairu was protected by Sharaku Eijirou.

Kadota's Coma ArcEdit

She saves Namie from being kidnapped.

Saving Izaya/ Haruna returns arcEdit

Celty and Shinra form a small group to collect information on the recent string of violent events in the city. Other members include Mika, Emilia, Shingen, and Walker. Later, news reports indicate a severed head being found on the streets and Celty suspects it to be her own.

Volume 12Edit

Kasane Kujiragi gives Celty's head back to her after stealing it back from Izaya. The sudden reuinion with her head causes an odd reaction in Celty which somehow gives her amnesia. Although Shinra is initially depressed, he resolves to help her regain her memories or at least create new ones. As Celty slowly readjusts to life in Ikebukuro again, Shinra is kidnapped by Kasane and is made into one of her Saika children. Kasane then forces Shinra to proclaim his love for her which causes Celty to go insane. She wraps herself in a large ball of her shadows and begins ramgaging throughout the city.


Shinra KishitaniEdit

Main Article: Shinra and Celty

Shingen KishitaniEdit

Main Article: Shingen Kishitani

Celty doesn't have a very favorable opinion of Shinra's father. It has likely been made even worse when it's revealed that Shingen was the one who actually stole Celty's head. Celty considers Shingen to be nothing more than a creepy old man and doesn't like putting up with him more than necessary. Likewise, Shingen considers Celty to be a monster as well as an idiot as shown when he objects to her and Shinra's plans to get married as well as when he taunts her when he accidentaly reveals he stole her head.

Emilia KishitaniEdit

Main Article: Emilia Kishitani

Celty's relationship with Emilia is a lot more positive than her relationship with Shingen. While she does get slightly annoyed with Emilia at times, it never gets to the point to where they start arguing like with Shingen. There is always a tinge of awkwardness whenever Celty also enjoys taking jobs from Emilia mostly due to the fact that she usually pays very well.

Shizuo HeiwajimaEdit

Main Article: Shizuo Heiwajima

Celty and Shizuo have been shown to get along very well throughout the series. This most likely due to both of them being incredibly abnormal compared to the average person. Shizuo and Celty would often be seen talking to each other in their spare time and would often confide in each other about their problems and give advice. Shizuo also seems to care about Celty a great deal as shown when he got fired up about how Celty was attacked by the slasher and didn't hesitate to kick down Izaya's door when it was implied that he was somehow behind it.

Izaya OriharaEdit

Main Article: Izaya Orihara

Celty doesn't appear to like Izaya in general. She prefers not to deal with him more than is necessary which is a bit of a problem since many of Celty's jobs come from Izaya in the first place. She always suspects him of being involved with many of the major events that happen in the city and doesn't trust him at all. Izaya considers Celty to be one of many different pawns at his disposal. When he obtains Celty's head, he developes a theory that Dullahans from Celtic mythology are the same as Valkyries from Norse Mythology. Since Valkyries only appear in battlefields, Izaya wants to start an all out war in Ikebukuro in an attempt to awaken Celty's powers as a valkyrie and ascend into heaven, if it indeed exists.

Mikado RyuugamineEdit

Main Article: Mikado Ryuugamine

Celty considers Mikado to be a very close friend. This is mostly due to the fact that, even after he saw her true nature, he didn't treat her any differently than anyone else. She is willing to help Mikado at a moments notice and will not hesitate to jump in if things get dicey. However, she respects his position as the founder of the dollars and, if asked, she will refrain from helping if that is what Mikado wishes.

Anri SonoharaEdit

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Like Mikado, Celty considers Anri a very close friend. Anri would frequently ask Celty for advice with Saika as well as what she should do during some of the more tense events during the series such as the gang war with the yellow scarves. In the light novel, after being attacked by Vorona, Celty offered to let Anri stay with her and Shinra until everything calmed down. In volume 2 of the light novels, Anri expresses a vague attraction to Celty, much to Mikado's surprise, but never brings it up again.


  • Celty cannot taste or eat due to the lack of a head.
  • Her hobbies include gaming, watching the television, and Internet surfing.
  • She sang Rouge no Dengon in the rapping CD.
  • Celty is believed by Erika and Walker that she is a tsundere. She even acted to be like one upon hearing that (a drunk) Shinra was the one who gave them the idea.
  • Her name may be a reference to her Irish background as "Celty" can be associated with "Celtic."
  • Common mistranslations of her name include "Selty" and "Ceruty."
  • In the manga, Celty physically resembles a man while in her jump suit and knight armor. However, in the anime her curves are shown giving an obvious hint of her gender.

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