Aya Tatsugami (辰神彩, Tatsugami Aya) is a character in Durarara!! SH. She is the older sister of Himeka Tatsugami and Ai Tatsugami who mysteriously disappears after investigating the Headless Rider.

Characteristics Edit

Aya has strong beliefs in doing what is right, even turning her father in for his crimes in loaning money illicitly. However, her involvement in her father's arrest lead to her being reprimanded by her mother. Years later, she's even stabbed by a client of her father's. This causes her to not only question her place in the world, but to develop a deep hatred for the world's seeming unfairness.

After seeing the Headless Rider on television, Aya begins to form an obsession over it (Celty), convinced that it is the savior which would save them from this cruel world. However, Aya's sister consistently point out that this absurd belief is just Aya's way of running from her problems.

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  • It is revealed in an Epitome of Eighteen Histories that she was a co-worker of Kazane Kinomiya as a part-time writer.