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Amphisbaena symbol-0

Amphisbaena symbol as shown on Mimizu's concept art sheet for Durarara!! x2

Amphisbaena is the name of the gambling ring Izaya began again in college along with Nakura

Amphisbaena is later abandoned once Izaya becomes bored with it, though it retains a few members such as Mimizu. They become rivals with Heaven's Slave

Amphisbaena is later taken by Dragon Zombie

Trivia: Edit

  • Amphisbaena probably gets its name from the creature of Greek mythology; an ant-eating serpent with a head at each end. Its name comes from the Greek words amphis, meaning "both ways", and bainein, meaning "to go". According to Greek mythology, the amphisbaena was spawned from the blood that dripped from the Gorgon Medusa's head as Perseus flew over the Libyan Desert with it in his hand, after which Cato's army then encountered it along with other serpents on the march. Amphisbaenae fed off of the corpses left behind.  

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