This page is for the relationship between Mizuki Akabayashi and Akane Awakusu.

Akabayashi and Akane

Relationship Edit

Akane initially met Akabayashi when she was quite young. With Akabayashi being one of the few adults she trusts, she's shown to him as 'Uncle Akabayashi'. While Akane was growing up, Akabayashi would frequent her home to play with her. Although, as she entered her final years of primary school, her father, Mikiya Awakusu, began to worry about her learning about the true work the Awakusu-kai did. Due to her father's concerns, Akabayashi showed his face less and less, eventually maintaining his absence from her life for several years.

However, after Akane learns the truth about her family despite their best efforts. The knowledge that her family is 'bad', along with learning that the kids at school are only friendly to her out of fear, Akane runs away with the help of Nakura. After various events, Akane is brought home for good where she shows relief in knowing that her family is safe. Upon learning that Akabayashi will be coming by to meet with her father Akane tells him that she wants to talk to Akabayashi privately.

Despite not having seen Akabayashi for several years, the young girl shows no hesitation or mistrust, excitedly ushering him towards her bedroom. Before Akabayashi can enter Akane's room, her father warns him not to put stupid ideas into her head, and not to touch her. Understandably amazed by what Mikiya is trying to say, Akabayashi reassures him that he is not into children. Mikiya, a little embarrassed, explains that it was a rumor which started after Akabayashi began looking after a little girl a few years ago, that Mikiya had assumed his tastes were 'specific', but is relieved to learn that's not the case.

Shortly after entering Akane's room, Akane asks Akabayashi to teach her how to kill people better. The question concerns Akabayashi, who promises to take her to a martial arts dojo owned by a friend of his later. Learning of Akane's desire to train her body has her father confused, but he makes no arguments against it.

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