A Sunset with Orihara Izaya (折原臨也と、夕焼けを), is an Izaya-centric light novel which came out on July 10, 2015. This novel follows Izaya and his current life two years after the events of volume 13.

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Synopsis Edit

An informant appeared in the suburban city. He simply cruises for information, doing nothing but giving people a push on the back.

[Geez, human observation (rehabilitation) can really be a pain]

He is an informant. This is not to exaggerate - he is but one man. Setting aside the fact of whether or not you should truely call being an informant an occupation, he certainly has the power to obtain a great deal of information.

He is by no means anything like a hero, nor can it be said that he is a villain.

Nor is he nothing.

He is only true.

He is eternally obedient only to his own desire’s.


He is determined to continue loving the good and the bad of the masses that are included in this world.

He simply just loves humans.

Because even if the result of his love causes his humans to become broken, the informant can still love these broken humans equally.

Chapter Listing Edit

  • Book Summary
  • Prologue A - Your Neighborhood Informant
  • Prologue B - Welcome to Bunokura
  • Chapter 1 - The Man Who Came to Town
  • Connecting Chapter 1.1 - The Man, Orihara Izaya (Interview w/ Shinra)
  • Chapter 2 - Who is this Man
  • Connecting Chapter 2.1 - The Man, Orihara Izaya (Interview w/ Shiki)
  • Chapter 3 Part A - Make Use of Orihara Izaya (Kiyojima Side)
  • Connecting Chapter 3.1 - The Man, Orihara Izaya (Interview w/ Kadota)
  • Chapter 3 Part B - Make Use of Orihara Izaya (Adamura Side)
  • Connecting Chapter 3.2 - The Man, Orihara Izaya (Interview w/ Shizuo Part 1)
  • Chapter 4 - Get Rid of Orihara Izaya
  • Connecting Chapter 4.1 - The Man, Orihara Izaya (Interview w/ Shizuo Part 2)
  • Epilogue - The Sunset With Izaya

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